HIP documentation


HIP documentation#

The Heterogeneous-computing Interface for Portability (HIP) API is a C++ runtime API and kernel language that lets developers create portable applications for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs from single source code.

For HIP supported AMD GPUs on multiple operating systems, see:

The CUDA enabled NVIDIA GPUs are supported by HIP. For more information, see GPU Compute Capability.

On the AMD ROCm platform, HIP provides header files and runtime library built on top of HIP-Clang compiler in the repository Common Language Runtime (CLR), which contains source codes for AMD’s compute languages runtimes as follows,

On non-AMD platforms, like NVIDIA, HIP provides header files required to support non-AMD specific back-end implementation in the repository ‘hipother’, which translates from the HIP runtime APIs to CUDA runtime APIs.


Known issues are listed on the HIP GitHub repository.

To contribute features or functions to the HIP project, refer to Contributing to HIP. To contribute to the documentation, refer to Contributing to ROCm docs page.

You can find licensing information on the Licensing page.