Installing deep learning frameworks for ROCm

Installing deep learning frameworks for ROCm#

Applies to Linux


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ROCm provides a comprehensive ecosystem for deep learning development, including libraries for optimized deep learning operations and ROCm-aware versions of popular deep learning frameworks and libraries such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX. ROCm works closely with these frameworks to ensure that framework-specific optimizations take advantage of AMD accelerator and GPU architectures.

The following guides cover installation processes for ROCm-aware deep learning frameworks.

The following chart steps through typical installation workflows for installing deep learning frameworks for ROCm.

Flowchart for installing ROCm-aware machine learning frameworks

Find information on version compatibility and framework release notes in Third-party support matrix.


For guidance on installing ROCm itself, refer to ROCm installation for Linux.

Learn how to use your ROCm deep learning environment for training, fine-tuning, inference, and performance optimization through the following guides.