rocblas_zrotg Interface Reference

rocblas_zrotg Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_zrotg Interface Reference
hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_zrotg Interface Reference

BLAS Level 1 API. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(rocblas_status_success)) function rocblas_zrotg_ (handle, a, b, c, s)

Detailed Description

BLAS Level 1 API.

rotg creates the Givens rotation matrix for the vector (a b). Scalars c and s and arrays a and b may be stored in either host or device memory, location is specified by calling rocblas_set_pointer_mode. If the pointer mode is set to rocblas_pointer_mode_host, this function blocks the CPU until the GPU has finished and the results are available in host memory. If the pointer mode is set to rocblas_pointer_mode_device, this function returns immediately and synchronization is required to read the results.

[in]handle[rocblas_handle] handle to the rocblas library context queue.
[in,out]adevice pointer or host pointer to input vector element, overwritten with r.
[in,out]bdevice pointer or host pointer to input vector element, overwritten with z.
[in,out]cdevice pointer or host pointer to cosine element of Givens rotation.
[in,out]sdevice pointer or host pointer sine element of Givens rotation.

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ rocblas_zrotg_()

integer(kind(rocblas_status_success)) function hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_zrotg::rocblas_zrotg_ ( type(c_ptr), value  handle,
type(c_ptr), value  a,
type(c_ptr), value  b,
type(c_ptr), value  c,
type(c_ptr), value  s 

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