hipsparsecreate Interface Reference

hipsparsecreate Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort_hipsparse::hipsparsecreate Interface Reference
hipfort_hipsparse::hipsparsecreate Interface Reference

Create a hipsparse handle. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(hipsparse_status_success)) function hipsparsecreate_ (handle)

Detailed Description

Create a hipsparse handle.

hipsparseCreate creates the hipSPARSE library context. It must be initialized before any other hipSPARSE API function is invoked and must be passed to all subsequent library function calls. The handle should be destroyed at the end using hipsparseDestroy().

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ hipsparsecreate_()

integer(kind(hipsparse_status_success)) function hipfort_hipsparse::hipsparsecreate::hipsparsecreate_ ( type(c_ptr)  handle)

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