hipstreamsynchronize Interface Reference

hipstreamsynchronize Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort::hipstreamsynchronize Interface Reference
hipfort::hipstreamsynchronize Interface Reference

Wait for all commands in stream to complete. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipstreamsynchronize_ (stream)

Detailed Description

Wait for all commands in stream to complete.

[in]streamstream identifier.
hipSuccess, hipErrorInvalidHandle

This command is host-synchronous : the host will block until the specified stream is empty.

This command follows standard null-stream semantics. Specifically, specifying the null stream will cause the command to wait for other streams on the same device to complete all pending operations.

This command honors the hipDeviceLaunchBlocking flag, which controls whether the wait is active or blocking.

See also
hipStreamCreate, hipStreamCreateWithFlags, hipStreamCreateWithPriority, hipStreamWaitEvent, hipStreamDestroy

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ hipstreamsynchronize_()

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipfort::hipstreamsynchronize::hipstreamsynchronize_ ( type(c_ptr), value  stream)

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