hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig Interface Reference

hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort::hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig Interface Reference
hipfort::hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig Interface Reference

Set shared memory configuation for a specific function. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig_ (func, config)

Detailed Description

Set shared memory configuation for a specific function.

hipSuccess, hipErrorInvalidDeviceFunction, hipErrorInvalidValue

Note: AMD devices and some Nvidia GPUS do not support shared cache banking, and the hint is ignored on those architectures.

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig_()

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipfort::hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig::hipfuncsetsharedmemconfig_ ( type(c_ptr), value  func,
integer(kind(hipsharedmembanksizedefault)), value  config 

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