hipdrivergetversion Interface Reference

hipdrivergetversion Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort::hipdrivergetversion Interface Reference
hipfort::hipdrivergetversion Interface Reference

Returns the approximate HIP driver version. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipdrivergetversion_ (driverVersion)

Detailed Description

Returns the approximate HIP driver version.

hipSuccess, hipErrorInavlidValue
The HIP feature set does not correspond to an exact CUDA SDK driver revision. This function always set *driverVersion to 4 as an approximation though HIP supports some features which were introduced in later CUDA SDK revisions. HIP apps code should not rely on the driver revision number here and should use arch feature flags to test device capabilities or conditional compilation.
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Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ hipdrivergetversion_()

integer(kind(hipsuccess)) function hipfort::hipdrivergetversion::hipdrivergetversion_ ( type(c_ptr), value  driverVersion)

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