rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer Interface Reference

rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort_rocfft::rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer Interface Reference
hipfort_rocfft::rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer Interface Reference

Set work buffer in execution info. More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(rocfft_status_success)) function rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer_ (myInfo, work_buffer, size_in_bytes)

Detailed Description

Set work buffer in execution info.

This is one of the execution info functions to specify optional additional information to control execution. This API provides a work buffer for the transform. It must be called before rocfft_execute.

When a non-zero value is obtained from rocfft_plan_get_work_buffer_size, that means the library needs a work buffer to compute the transform. In this case, the user should allocate the work buffer and pass it to the library via this API.

If a work buffer is required for the transform but is not specified using this function, rocfft_execute will automatically allocate the required buffer and free it when execution is finished.

Users should allocate their own work buffers if they need precise control over the lifetimes of those buffers, or if multiple plans need to share the same buffer.

[in]infoexecution info handle
[in]work_bufferwork buffer
[in]size_in_bytessize of work buffer in bytes

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer_()

integer(kind(rocfft_status_success)) function hipfort_rocfft::rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer::rocfft_execution_info_set_work_buffer_ ( type(c_ptr), value  myInfo,
type(c_ptr), value  work_buffer,
integer(c_size_t), value  size_in_bytes 

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