MIVisionX has utility applications which could be used by developers to test, quick prototype or develop sample applications.

Inference Generator#

caffe2openvx: Convert a pre-trained CAFFE model into a C library for use by applications.

Loom Shell#

LoomShell is an interpreter that enables stitching 360 degree videos using a script. It provides direct access to Live Stitch API by encapsulating the calls to enable rapid prototyping.


mv_deploy consists of a model-compiler and necessary header/.cpp files which are required to run inference for a specific NeuralNet model. mv_compile will be built as part of MIVisionX package installer


rocAL unit tests and samples


RunCL is a command-line tool to build, execute, and debug OpenCL programs, with a simple, easy-to-use interface.


RunVX is a command-line tool to execute OpenVX graphs, with a simple, easy-to-use interface. It encapsulates most of the routine OpenVX calls, thus speeding up development and enabling rapid prototyping. As input, RunVX takes a GDF (Graph Description Format) file, a simple and intuitive syntax to describe the various data, nodes, and their dependencies. The tool has other useful features, such as, file read/write, data compares, image and keypoint data visualization, etc.