MIVisionX WinML Utilities#

MIVisionX WinML Validate#

This utility can be used to test and verify the ONNX model on the Windows platform. If the ONNX model is supported by this utility, the amd_winml extension can import the ONNX model and add other OpenVX nodes for pre & post-processing in a single OpenVX graph to run efficient inference.


    MIVisionX-WinML-Validate.exe [options]  --m <ONNX.model full path>
                                            --i <model input tensor name>
                                            --o <model output tensor name>
                                            --s <output tensor size in (n,c,h,w)>
                                            --l <label.txt full path>
                                            --f <image frame full path>
                                            --d <Learning Model Device Kind <DirectXHighPerformance>> [optional]

MIVisionX ONNX Model Validation Parameters#

    --m/--model                     -- onnx model full path [required]
    --i/--inputName                 -- model input tensor name [required]
    --o/--outputName                -- model output tensor name [required]
    --s/--outputSize                -- model output tensor size <n,c,h,w> [required]
    --l/--label                     -- label.txt file full path [required]
    --f/--imageFrame                -- imageFrame.png file full path [required]
    --d/--deviceKind                -- Learning Model Device Kind <0-4> [optional]
                                     0 - Default
                                     1 - Cpu
                                     2 - DirectX
                                     3 - DirectXHighPerformance
                                     4 - DirectXMinPower

MIVisionX ONNX Model Validation Options#

    --h/--help      -- Show full help

NOTE: Samples are available