AMD RPP Extension#

The AMD VX RPP extension (vx_rpp) is an OpenVX module that implements an interface to access RPP functionality as OpenVX kernels. These kernels can be accessed from within OpenVX framework using OpenVX API call vxLoadKernels(context, “vx_rpp”).

List of RPP functions#

The following is a list of RPP functions that have been included in the vx_rpp module.

Blend                       org.rpp.Blend
Blur                        org.rpp.Blur
Brightness                  org.rpp.Brightness
Color temperature           org.rpp.ColorTemperature
Contrast                    org.rpp.Contrast
Exposure                    org.rpp.Exposure
Fisheye lens effect         org.rpp.Fisheye
Flip                        org.rpp.Flip
Fog effect                  org.rpp.Fog
Gamma Correction            org.rpp.GammaCorrection
Image Resize                org.rpp.Resize
Jitter                      org.rpp.Jitter
Lens Correction             org.rpp.LensCorrection
Pixelate                    org.rpp.Pixelate
Rain overlay                org.rpp.Rain
Resize Crop                 org.rpp.ResizeCrop
Rotate                      org.rpp.Rotate
Salt and Pepper noise       org.rpp.NoiseSnp
Snow                        org.rpp.Snow
Vignette                    org.rpp.Vignette
Warp affine                 org.rpp.WarpAffine

NOTE - For list of OpenVX API calls for RPP-interop refer include/vx_ext_rpp.h

Build Instructions#


  • AMD OpenVX™ library

  • AMD RPP library

  • CMake 3.5 or later

  • OpenCL (optional)

Build using CMake on Linux#

  • Use CMake to configure and generate Makefile

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