OpenVX node tests#


The bash script runs runvx for AMD OpenVX™ functionalities in HOST/OCL/HIP backends.

  • It can optionally run tests for all kernels or a single kernel separately.

  • It can optionally generate .bin dumps for the image inputs/outputs.

  • It can optionally run HOST/OCL/HIP backends and also run a OCLvsHIP test to compare OCLvsHIP outputs and report inconsistencies (for all kernels or a single kernel separately).

  • It requires a user given width, height to run tests.

  • It requires a primary RunVX path while running HOST/OCL/HIP backends and optionally a secondary RunVX path while running OCLvsHIP comparison.


Syntax: ./ <W> <H> <D> <N> <B> <P> <S> <O> where:

- W     WIDTH of image in pixels
- H     HEIGHT of image pixels
- D     Output bin DUMP toggle (1 = True, 0 = False)
- N     NAME of kernel to run ('ALL' = run all available kernels, '<kernel name>' = run specific kernel name from the list of kernels in this script)
- B     BACKEND (HOST = On CPU / OCL = On GPU with OpenCL backend / HIP = On GPU with HIP backend / OCLvsHIP = On GPU with OCLvsHIP output comparison)
- P     PRIMARY RunVX path (for MIVisionX built with HOST/OCL/HIP backend)
- S     SECONDARY RunVX path (Required only for OCLvsHIP comparison. Primary path used for OCL backend, Secondary path used for HIP backend)
- O     RunVX path OVERRIDE - Optional parameter (0 = Use primary/secondary RunVX paths (DEFAULT), 1 = make-install required backend and then run tests, 2 = Clean build-make-install required backend and then run tests)


Examples to run a single kernel:

./ 16 16 1 Add_U8_U8U8_Wrap HOST ../../build_host/install/bin
./ 16 16 0 Add_U8_U8U8_Wrap OCL ../../build_ocl/install/bin
./ 16 16 1 Add_U8_U8U8_Wrap HIP ../../build_hip/install/bin
./ 16 16 1 ChannelExtract_U8U8U8U8_U32 OCLvsHIP ../../build_ocl/install/bin ../../build_hip/install/bin

Examples to run all kernels:

./ 16 16 1 ALL HOST ../../build_host/install/bin
./ 16 16 1 ALL OCL ../../build_ocl/install/bin
./ 16 16 0 ALL HIP ../../build_hip/install/bin
./ 16 16 1 ALL OCLvsHIP ../../build_ocl/install/bin ../../build_hip/install/bin
./ 16 16 1 ALL OCLvsHIP ../../build_ocl/install/bin ../../build_hip/install/bin 2

NOTE: OpenVX and the OpenVX logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.