AMD OpenVX™ Extensions#

The OpenVX framework provides a mechanism to add new vision functions to OpenVX by 3rd party vendors. This project has below OpenVX modules and utilities to extend AMD OpenVX™ (amd_openvx) project, which contains the AMD OpenVX™ Core Engine.

  • amd_loomsl: AMD Radeon LOOM stitching library for live 360-degree video applications

  • amd_media: vx_amd_media is an OpenVX AMD media extension module. This module has mainly two OpenVX extension nodes. com.amd.amd_media.decode node for video/jpeg decoding and com.amd.amd_media.encode node for video encoding

  • amd_migraphx: amd_migraphx extension integrates the AMD’s MIGraphx into an OpenVX graph for inference.

  • amd_nn: OpenVX neural network module. Learn more about neural net workflow in Neural Net Model Compiler & Optimizer

  • amd_opencv: OpenVX module that implements a mechanism to access OpenCV functionality as OpenVX kernels

  • amd_rpp: OpenVX extension providing an interface to some of the ROCm Performance Primitives (RPP) functions. This extension is used to enable rocAL to perform image augmentation.

  • amd_winml: WinML extension will allow developers to import a pre-trained ONNX model into an OpenVX graph and add hundreds of different pre & post processing vision / generic / user-defined functions, available in OpenVX and OpenCV interop, to the input and output of the neural net model. This will allow developers to build an end to end application for inference.

NOTE: OpenVX and the OpenVX logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.