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Compilers and Tools


Compilers and Tools#

Applies to Linux and Windows


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The AMD Debugger API is a library that provides all the support necessary for a debugger and other tools to perform low level control of the execution and inspection of execution state of AMD’s commercially available GPU architectures.

ROCmCC is a Clang/LLVM-based compiler. It is optimized for high-performance computing on AMD GPUs and CPUs and supports various heterogeneous programming models such as HIP, OpenMP, and OpenCL.

This is ROCgdb, the ROCm source-level debugger for Linux, based on GDB, the GNU source-level debugger.

ROC profiler library. Profiling with performance counters and derived metrics. Library supports GFX8/GFX9. Hardware specific low-level performance analysis interface for profiling of GPU compute applications. The profiling includes hardware performance counters with complex performance metrics.

Callback/Activity Library for Performance tracing AMD GPUs

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