_RocdecPicParams Struct Reference

_RocdecPicParams Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecPicParams Struct Reference
_RocdecPicParams Struct Reference

#include <rocdecode.h>

Data Fields

int pic_width
int pic_height
int curr_pic_idx
int field_pic_flag
int bottom_field_flag
int second_field
uint32_t bitstream_data_len
const uint8_t * bitstream_data
uint32_t num_slices
int ref_pic_flag
int intra_pic_flag
uint32_t reserved [30]
union {
   RocdecMpeg2PicParams   mpeg2
   RocdecAvcPicParams   avc
   RocdecHevcPicParams   hevc
   RocdecVc1PicParams   vc1
   RocdecJPEGPicParams   jpeg
   uint32_t   codec_reserved [256]
union {
   RocdecAvcSliceParams *   avc
   RocdecHevcSliceParams *   hevc
 Variable size array. The user should allocate one slice param struct for each slice.
union {
   RocdecAvcIQMatrix   avc
   RocdecHevcIQMatrix   hevc

Detailed Description

Picture parameters for decoding This structure is used in rocDecDecodePicture API IN for rocDecDecodePicture

Field Documentation

◆ bitstream_data

const uint8_t* _RocdecPicParams::bitstream_data

IN: Ptr to bitstream data for this picture (slice-layer)

◆ bitstream_data_len

uint32_t _RocdecPicParams::bitstream_data_len

IN: Number of bytes in bitstream data buffer

◆ bottom_field_flag

int _RocdecPicParams::bottom_field_flag

IN: 0=top field, 1=bottom field (ignored if field_pic_flag=0)

◆ curr_pic_idx

int _RocdecPicParams::curr_pic_idx

IN: Output index of the current picture

◆ field_pic_flag

int _RocdecPicParams::field_pic_flag

IN: 0=frame picture, 1=field picture

◆ intra_pic_flag

int _RocdecPicParams::intra_pic_flag

IN: This picture is entirely intra coded

◆ mpeg2

RocdecMpeg2PicParams _RocdecPicParams::mpeg2

Also used for MPEG-1

◆ num_slices

uint32_t _RocdecPicParams::num_slices

IN: Number of slices in this picture

◆ pic_height

int _RocdecPicParams::pic_height

IN: Coded frame height

◆ pic_width

int _RocdecPicParams::pic_width

IN: Coded frame width

◆ ref_pic_flag

int _RocdecPicParams::ref_pic_flag

IN: This picture is a reference picture

◆ reserved

uint32_t _RocdecPicParams::reserved[30]

Reserved for future use

◆ second_field

int _RocdecPicParams::second_field

IN: Second field of a complementary field pair

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