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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 rocal_api.hThe AMD rocAL Library
 rocal_api_augmentation.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Augmentations
 rocal_api_data_loaders.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Data Loaders
 rocal_api_data_transfer.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Data Transfer
 rocal_api_info.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Info
 rocal_api_meta_data.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Meta Data
 rocal_api_parameters.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Parameters
 rocal_api_types.hThe AMD rocAL Library - Types
 generic.pyFile containing iterators for generic use case
 pytorch.pyFile containing iterators to be used with pytorch trainings
 tf.pyFile containing iterators to be used with TF trainings
 decoders.pyFile containing various decoder implementations for various readers
 fn.pyFile containing augmentation functions used in multiple trainings
 pipeline.pyFile containing the Pipeline class containing the pybind API functions
 random.pyFile containing randomization functions used for creating RNG generators
 readers.pyFile containing reader functions for multiple datasets and data formats
 types.pyFile containing various user defined types used in rocAL