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MIT licensed

The AMD ROCm Augmentation Library (rocAL) is designed to efficiently decode and process images and videos from a variety of storage formats and modify them through a processing graph programmable by the user. rocAL currently provides C API. For more details, go to [rocAL user guide](docs) page.

Supported Operations

rocAL can be currently used to perform the following operations either with randomized or fixed parameters:

Blend Blur (Gaussian 3x3) Brightness Color Temperature
ColorTwist Contrast Crop Crop Mirror Normalization
CropResize Exposure Modification Fisheye Lens Flip (Horizontal, Vertical and Both)
Fog Gamma Hue Jitter
Lens Correction Pixelization Raindrops Random Crop
Resize Resize Crop Mirror Rotation Salt And Pepper Noise
Saturation Snowflakes Vignette Warp Affine


Prerequisites setup script

For your convenience, we provide the setup script,, which installs all required dependencies. Run this script only once.

python --directory [setup directory - optional (default:~/)]
--opencv [OpenCV Version - optional (default:4.6.0)]
--protobuf [ProtoBuf Version - optional (default:3.12.4)]
--pybind11 [PyBind11 Version - optional (default:v2.10.4)]
--reinstall [Reinstall - optional (default:OFF)[options:ON/OFF]]
--backend [rocAL Dependency Backend - optional (default:HIP) [options:OCL/HIP]]
--rocm_path [ROCm Installation Path - optional (default:/opt/rocm)]

Installation instructions

The installation process uses the following steps:

Package install

Install rocAL runtime, development, and test packages.

  • Runtime package - rocal only provides the dynamic libraries
  • Development package - rocal-dev/rocal-devel provides the libraries, executables, header files, and samples
  • Test package - rocal-test provides ctest to verify installation


sudo apt-get install rocal rocal-dev rocal-test


sudo yum install rocal rocal-devel rocal-test


sudo zypper install rocal rocal-devel rocal-test


* Package install requires Turbo JPEG, PyBind 11 v2.10.4 and Protobuf V3.12.4 manual install

  • CentOS/RedHat/SLES requires FFMPEG Dev package manual install

Source install

To build rocAL from source and install, follow the steps below:

  • Clone rocAL source code
git clone

Note: rocAL has support for two GPU backends: OPENCL and HIP:

  • Instructions for building rocAL with the HIP GPU backend (default GPU backend):
    • run the setup script to install all the dependencies required by the HIP GPU backend:
      cd rocAL
    • run the below commands to build rocAL with the HIP GPU backend:
      mkdir build-hip
      cd build-hip
      cmake ../
      make -j8
      sudo cmake --build . --target PyPackageInstall
      sudo make install

      * PyPackageInstall used for rocal_pybind installation

  • sudo required for pybind installation


Use -D PYTHON_VERSION_SUGGESTED=3.x with cmake for using a specific Python3 version if required.


To run tests with verbose option, use make test ARGS="-VV".


+ rocAL_pybind is not supported on OPENCL backend

  • rocAL cannot be installed for both GPU backends in the same default folder (i.e., /opt/rocm/)
  • if an app interested in installing rocAL with both GPU backends, then add -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in the cmake commands to install rocAL with OPENCL and HIP backends into two separate custom folders.

Verify installation

  • The installer will copy
    • Executables into /opt/rocm/bin
    • Libraries into /opt/rocm/lib
    • Header files into /opt/rocm/include/rocal
    • Apps, & Samples folder into /opt/rocm/share/rocal
    • Documents folder into /opt/rocm/share/doc/rocal

Verify with rocal-test package

Test package will install ctest module to test rocAL. Follow below steps to test packge install

mkdir rocAL-test && cd rocAL-test
cmake /opt/rocm/share/rocal/test/
ctest -VV


Run the steps below to build documentation locally.

  • Sphinx documentation
    cd docs
    pip3 install -r sphinx/requirements.txt
    python3 -m sphinx -T -E -b html -d _build/doctrees -D language=en . _build/html
  • Doxygen
    doxygen .Doxyfile

Technical support

Please email [email protected] for questions, and feedback on rocAL.

Please submit your feature requests, and bug reports on the GitHub issues page.

Release notes

Latest release version

GitHub tag (latest SemVer)


Review all notable changes with the latest release

Tested Configurations

  • Linux distribution
    • Ubuntu - 20.04 / 22.04
    • CentOS - 7
    • RedHat - 8 / 9
    • SLES - 15-SP4
  • ROCm: rocm-core -
  • RPP - rpp & rpp-dev/rpp-devel
  • MIVisionX - mivisionx & mivisionx-dev/mivisionx-devel
  • Protobuf - libprotobuf-dev/protobuf-devel
  • RapidJSON -
  • FFMPEG - ffmpeg dev package
  • OpenCV - 4.6.0
  • Turbo JPEG - Version 3.0.1
  • PyBind11 - v2.10.4
  • rocAL Setup Script - V2.0.0
  • Dependencies for all the above packages