rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag Interface Reference

rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag Interface Reference#

HIPFORT API Reference: hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag Interface Reference
hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag Interface Reference

query the preferable supported int8 input layout for gemm More...

Public Member Functions

integer(kind(rocblas_status_success)) function rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag_ (handle, flag)

Detailed Description

query the preferable supported int8 input layout for gemm

Indicates the supported int8 input layout for gemm according to the device. If the device supports packed-int8x4 (1) only, output flag is rocblas_gemm_flags_pack_int8x4 and users must bitwise-or your flag with rocblas_gemm_flags_pack_int8x4. If output flag is rocblas_gemm_flags_none (0), then unpacked int8 is preferable and suggested.

[in]handle[rocblas_handle] the handle of device
[out]flagpointer to rocblas_gemm_flags

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag_()

integer(kind(rocblas_status_success)) function hipfort_rocblas::rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag::rocblas_query_int8_layout_flag_ ( type(c_ptr), value  handle,
type(c_ptr), value  flag 

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