pcie_metric_ Struct Reference

pcie_metric_ Struct Reference#

AMD SMI: amdsmi_pcie_info_t::pcie_metric_ Struct Reference
amdsmi_pcie_info_t::pcie_metric_ Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint16_t pcie_width
 current PCIe width
uint32_t pcie_speed
 current PCIe speed in MT/s
uint32_t pcie_bandwidth
 current instantaneous PCIe bandwidth in Mb/s
uint64_t pcie_replay_count
 total number of the replays issued on the PCIe link
uint64_t pcie_l0_to_recovery_count
 total number of times the PCIe link transitioned from L0 to the recovery state
uint64_t pcie_replay_roll_over_count
 total number of replay rollovers issued on the PCIe link
uint64_t pcie_nak_sent_count
 total number of NAKs issued on the PCIe link by the device
uint64_t pcie_nak_received_count
 total number of NAKs issued on the PCIe link by the receiver
uint64_t reserved [13]

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