Data Structures

Data Structures#

AMD SMI: Data Structures
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 Camd_metrics_table_header_tThe following structures hold the gpu metrics values for a device
 Camdsmi_ddr_bw_metrics_tDDR bandwidth metrics
 Camdsmi_dimm_power_tDIMM Power(mW), power update rate(ms) and dimm address
 Camdsmi_dimm_thermal_tDIMM temperature(°C) and update rate(ms) and dimm address
 Camdsmi_dpm_level_tMax and min LCLK DPM level on a given NBIO ID. Valid max and min DPM level values are 0 - 1
 Camdsmi_dpm_policy_entry_tThe dpm policy
 Camdsmi_dpm_policy_tThis structure holds information about dpm policies
 Camdsmi_error_count_tThis structure holds error counts
 Camdsmi_freq_volt_region_tThis structure holds 2 amdsmi_range_t's, one for frequency and one for voltage. These 2 ranges indicate the range of possible values for the corresponding amdsmi_od_vddc_point_t
 Camdsmi_frequencies_tThis structure holds information about clock frequencies
 Camdsmi_link_id_bw_type_tLINK name and Bandwidth type Information.It contains link names i.e valid link names are "P0", "P1", "P2", "P3", "P4", "G0", "G1", "G2", "G3", "G4" "G5", "G6", "G7" Valid bandwidth types 1(Aggregate_BW), 2 (Read BW), 4 (Write BW)
 Camdsmi_name_value_tThis structure holds the name value pairs
 Camdsmi_od_vddc_point_tThis structure represents a point on the frequency-voltage plane
 Camdsmi_od_volt_freq_data_tThis structure holds the frequency-voltage values for a device
 Camdsmi_pcie_bandwidth_tThis structure holds information about the possible PCIe bandwidths. Specifically, the possible transfer rates and their associated numbers of lanes are stored here
 Camdsmi_power_profile_status_tThis structure contains information about which power profiles are supported by the system for a given device, and which power profile is currently active
 Camdsmi_process_info_tThis structure contains information specific to a process
 Camdsmi_range_tThis structure represents a range (e.g., frequencies or voltages)
 Camdsmi_ras_feature_tThis structure holds ras feature
 Camdsmi_retired_page_record_tReserved Memory Page Record
 Camdsmi_smu_fw_version_tThis structure holds SMU Firmware version information
 Camdsmi_temp_range_refresh_rate_tTemperature range and refresh rate metrics of a DIMM
 Camdsmi_utilization_counter_tThe utilization counter data
 Camdsmi_version_tThis structure holds version information