Initialization and Shutdown

Initialization and Shutdown#

ROCmSMI: Initialization and Shutdown
Initialization and Shutdown


rsmi_status_t rsmi_init (uint64_t init_flags)
 Initialize ROCm SMI. More...
rsmi_status_t rsmi_shut_down (void)
 Shutdown ROCm SMI. More...

Detailed Description

These functions are used for initialization of ROCm SMI and clean up when done.

Function Documentation

◆ rsmi_init()

rsmi_status_t rsmi_init ( uint64_t  init_flags)

Initialize ROCm SMI.

When called, this initializes internal data structures, including those corresponding to sources of information that SMI provides.

[in]init_flagsBit flags that tell SMI how to initialze. Values of rsmi_init_flags_t may be OR'd together and passed through init_flags to modify how RSMI initializes.
Return values
RSMI_STATUS_SUCCESSis returned upon successful call.

◆ rsmi_shut_down()

rsmi_status_t rsmi_shut_down ( void  )

Shutdown ROCm SMI.

Do any necessary clean up.