_RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo Struct Reference

_RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo Struct Reference
_RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t width
uint32_t height
uint32_t target_width
uint32_t target_height
uint32_t num_decode_surfaces
uint32_t reserved_1 [12]
struct {
   int16_t   left
   int16_t   top
   int16_t   right
   int16_t   bottom
struct {
   int16_t   left
   int16_t   top
   int16_t   right
   int16_t   bottom
uint32_t reserved_2 [11]

Field Documentation


struct { ... } _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::display_rect

IN: area of the frame that should be displayed

◆ height

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::height

IN: Coded sequence height in pixels, MUST be < = max_height defined at RocDecoderCreateInfo

◆ num_decode_surfaces

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::num_decode_surfaces

IN: Maximum number of internal decode surfaces

◆ reserved_1

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::reserved_1[12]

Reserved for future use. Set to Zero

◆ reserved_2

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::reserved_2[11]

Reserved for future use. Set to Zero

◆ target_height

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::target_height

IN: Post Processed output height


struct { ... } _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::target_rect

IN: (for future use) target rectangle in the output frame (for aspect ratio conversion) if a null rectangle is specified, {0,0,target_width,target_height} will be used

◆ target_width

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::target_width

IN: Post processed output width

◆ width

uint32_t _RocdecReconfigureDecoderInfo::width

IN: Coded sequence width in pixels, MUST be < = max_width defined at RocDecoderCreateInfo

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