_RocdecParserParams Struct Reference

_RocdecParserParams Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecParserParams Struct Reference

The AMD rocDecode library.\Used in rocDecCreateVideoParser API. More...

#include <rocparser.h>

Data Fields

rocDecVideoCodec codec_type
uint32_t max_num_decode_surfaces
uint32_t clock_rate
uint32_t error_threshold
uint32_t max_display_delay
uint32_t annex_b: 1
uint32_t reserved: 31
uint32_t reserved_1 [4]
void * user_data
PFNVIDSEQUENCECALLBACK pfn_sequence_callback
void * reserved_2 [5]

Detailed Description

The AMD rocDecode library.

\Used in rocDecCreateVideoParser API.

Field Documentation

◆ annex_b

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::annex_b

IN: AV1 annexB stream

◆ clock_rate

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::clock_rate

IN: Timestamp units in Hz (0=default=10000000Hz)

◆ codec_type

rocDecVideoCodec _RocdecParserParams::codec_type

IN: rocDecVideoCodec_XXX

◆ error_threshold

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::error_threshold

IN: % Error threshold (0-100) for calling pfn_decode_picture (100=always IN: call pfn_decode_picture even if picture bitstream is fully corrupted)

◆ ext_video_info

RocdecVideoFormatEx* _RocdecParserParams::ext_video_info

IN: [Optional] sequence header data from system layer

◆ max_display_delay

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::max_display_delay

IN: Max display queue delay (improves pipelining of decode with display) 0 = no delay (recommended values: 2..4)

◆ max_num_decode_surfaces

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::max_num_decode_surfaces

IN: Max # of decode surfaces (parser will cycle through these)

◆ pfn_decode_picture

PFNVIDDECODECALLBACK _RocdecParserParams::pfn_decode_picture

IN: Called when a picture is ready to be decoded (decode order)

◆ pfn_display_picture

PFNVIDDISPLAYCALLBACK _RocdecParserParams::pfn_display_picture

IN: Called whenever a picture is ready to be displayed (display order)

◆ pfn_get_sei_msg

PFNVIDSEIMSGCALLBACK _RocdecParserParams::pfn_get_sei_msg

IN: Called when all SEI messages are parsed for particular frame

◆ pfn_sequence_callback

PFNVIDSEQUENCECALLBACK _RocdecParserParams::pfn_sequence_callback

IN: Called before decoding frames and/or whenever there is a fmt change

◆ reserved

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::reserved

Reserved for future use - set to zero

◆ reserved_1

uint32_t _RocdecParserParams::reserved_1[4]

IN: Reserved for future use - set to 0

◆ reserved_2

void* _RocdecParserParams::reserved_2[5]

Reserved for future use - set to NULL

◆ user_data

void* _RocdecParserParams::user_data

IN: User data for callbacks

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