_RocdecParserDispInfo Struct Reference

_RocdecParserDispInfo Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecParserDispInfo Struct Reference
_RocdecParserDispInfo Struct Reference

Data Fields

int picture_index
int progressive_frame
int top_field_first
int repeat_first_field
RocdecTimeStamp pts

Field Documentation

◆ picture_index

int _RocdecParserDispInfo::picture_index

OUT: Index of the current picture

◆ progressive_frame

int _RocdecParserDispInfo::progressive_frame

OUT: 1 if progressive frame; 0 otherwise

◆ pts

RocdecTimeStamp _RocdecParserDispInfo::pts

OUT: Presentation time stamp

◆ repeat_first_field

int _RocdecParserDispInfo::repeat_first_field

OUT: Number of additional fields (1=ivtc, 2=frame doubling, 4=frame tripling, -1=unpaired field)

◆ top_field_first

int _RocdecParserDispInfo::top_field_first

OUT: 1 if top field is displayed first; 0 otherwise

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