_RocdecHevcSliceParams Struct Reference

_RocdecHevcSliceParams Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecHevcSliceParams Struct Reference
_RocdecHevcSliceParams Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t slice_data_size
 Number of bytes in the slice data buffer for this slice counting from and including NAL unit header.
uint32_t slice_data_offset
 The offset to the NAL unit header for this slice.
uint32_t slice_data_flag
 Slice data buffer flags. See VA_SLICE_DATA_FLAG_XXX.
uint32_t slice_data_byte_offset
 Byte offset from NAL unit header to the begining of slice_data(). More...
uint32_t slice_segment_address
uint8_t ref_pic_list [2][15]
 index into ReferenceFrames[] ref_pic_list[0][] corresponds to RefPicList0[] of HEVC variable. ref_pic_list[1][] corresponds to RefPicList1[] of HEVC variable. value range [0..14, 0xFF], where 0xFF indicates invalid entry.
union {
   uint32_t   value
   struct {
      uint32_t   last_slice_of_pic: 1
      uint32_t   dependent_slice_segment_flag: 1
      uint32_t   slice_type: 2
      uint32_t   color_plane_id: 2
      uint32_t   slice_sao_luma_flag: 1
      uint32_t   slice_sao_chroma_flag: 1
      uint32_t   mvd_l1_zero_flag: 1
      uint32_t   cabac_init_flag: 1
      uint32_t   slice_temporal_mvp_enabled_flag: 1
      uint32_t   slice_deblocking_filter_disabled_flag: 1
      uint32_t   collocated_from_l0_flag: 1
      uint32_t   slice_loop_filter_across_slices_enabled_flag: 1
      uint32_t   reserved: 18
   }   fields
uint8_t collocated_ref_idx
uint8_t num_ref_idx_l0_active_minus1
uint8_t num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1
int8_t slice_qp_delta
int8_t slice_cb_qp_offset
int8_t slice_cr_qp_offset
int8_t slice_beta_offset_div2
int8_t slice_tc_offset_div2
uint8_t luma_log2_weight_denom
int8_t delta_chroma_log2_weight_denom
int8_t delta_luma_weight_l0 [15]
int8_t luma_offset_l0 [15]
int8_t delta_chroma_weight_l0 [15][2]
int8_t chroma_offset_l0 [15][2]
int8_t delta_luma_weight_l1 [15]
int8_t luma_offset_l1 [15]
int8_t delta_chroma_weight_l1 [15][2]
int8_t chroma_offset_l1 [15][2]
uint8_t five_minus_max_num_merge_cand
uint16_t num_entry_point_offsets
uint16_t entry_offset_to_subset_array
uint16_t slice_data_num_emu_prevn_bytes
 Number of emulation prevention bytes in slice header.

Field Documentation

◆ chroma_offset_l0

int8_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::chroma_offset_l0[15][2]

corresponds to HEVC spec variable of the same name.

◆ chroma_offset_l1

int8_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::chroma_offset_l1[15][2]

corresponds to HEVC spec variable of the same name.

◆ collocated_ref_idx

uint8_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::collocated_ref_idx

HEVC syntax element.

◆ delta_luma_weight_l1

int8_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::delta_luma_weight_l1[15]

HEVC syntax element.

◆ dependent_slice_segment_flag

uint32_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::dependent_slice_segment_flag

HEVC syntax element.

◆ five_minus_max_num_merge_cand

uint8_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::five_minus_max_num_merge_cand

HEVC syntax element.

◆ last_slice_of_pic

uint32_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::last_slice_of_pic

current slice is last slice of picture.

◆ slice_data_byte_offset

uint32_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::slice_data_byte_offset

Byte offset from NAL unit header to the begining of slice_data().

This byte offset is relative to and includes the NAL unit header and represents the number of bytes parsed in the slice_header() after the removal of any emulation prevention bytes in there. However, the slice data buffer passed to the hardware is the original bitstream, thus including any emulation prevention bytes.

◆ slice_segment_address

uint32_t _RocdecHevcSliceParams::slice_segment_address

HEVC syntax element.

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