_RocdecAvcSliceParams Struct Reference

_RocdecAvcSliceParams Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecAvcSliceParams Struct Reference
_RocdecAvcSliceParams Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t slice_data_size
uint32_t slice_data_offset
uint32_t slice_data_flag
uint16_t slice_data_bit_offset
 Bit offset from NAL Header Unit to the begining of slice_data(). More...
uint16_t first_mb_in_slice
uint8_t slice_type
uint8_t direct_spatial_mv_pred_flag
uint8_t num_ref_idx_l0_active_minus1
uint8_t num_ref_idx_l1_active_minus1
uint8_t cabac_init_idc
int8_t slice_qp_delta
uint8_t disable_deblocking_filter_idc
int8_t slice_alpha_c0_offset_div2
int8_t slice_beta_offset_div2
RocdecAvcPicture ref_pic_list_0 [32]
RocdecAvcPicture ref_pic_list_1 [32]
uint8_t luma_log2_weight_denom
uint8_t chroma_log2_weight_denom
uint8_t luma_weight_l0_flag
int16_t luma_weight_l0 [32]
int16_t luma_offset_l0 [32]
uint8_t chroma_weight_l0_flag
int16_t chroma_weight_l0 [32][2]
int16_t chroma_offset_l0 [32][2]
uint8_t luma_weight_l1_flag
int16_t luma_weight_l1 [32]
int16_t luma_offset_l1 [32]
uint8_t chroma_weight_l1_flag
int16_t chroma_weight_l1 [32][2]
int16_t chroma_offset_l1 [32][2]
uint32_t reserved [4]

Field Documentation

◆ slice_data_bit_offset

uint16_t _RocdecAvcSliceParams::slice_data_bit_offset

Bit offset from NAL Header Unit to the begining of slice_data().

This bit offset is relative to and includes the NAL unit byte and represents the number of bits parsed in the slice_header() after the removal of any emulation prevention bytes in there. However, the slice data buffer passed to the hardware is the original bitstream, thus including any emulation prevention bytes.

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