_RocdecAvcPicture Struct Reference

_RocdecAvcPicture Struct Reference#

rocDecode: _RocdecAvcPicture Struct Reference
_RocdecAvcPicture Struct Reference

Data Fields

int pic_idx
uint32_t frame_idx
uint32_t flags
int32_t top_field_order_cnt
int32_t bottom_field_order_cnt
uint32_t reserved [4]

Field Documentation

◆ bottom_field_order_cnt

int32_t _RocdecAvcPicture::bottom_field_order_cnt

field order count of bottom field

◆ flags

uint32_t _RocdecAvcPicture::flags

See below for definitions

◆ frame_idx

uint32_t _RocdecAvcPicture::frame_idx

frame_num(int16_t-term) or LongTermFrameIdx(long-term)

◆ pic_idx

int _RocdecAvcPicture::pic_idx

picture index of reference frame

◆ top_field_order_cnt

int32_t _RocdecAvcPicture::top_field_order_cnt

field order count of top field

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