RocdecVideoFormat Struct Reference

RocdecVideoFormat Struct Reference#

rocDecode: RocdecVideoFormat Struct Reference

ROCDEC_VIDEO_FORMAT structUsed in Parser callback API. More...

#include <rocparser.h>

Data Fields

rocDecVideoCodec codec
struct {
   uint32_t   numerator
   uint32_t   denominator
uint8_t progressive_sequence
uint8_t bit_depth_luma_minus8
uint8_t bit_depth_chroma_minus8
uint8_t min_num_decode_surfaces
uint32_t coded_width
uint32_t coded_height
struct {
   int   left
   int   top
   int   right
   int   bottom
rocDecVideoChromaFormat chroma_format
uint32_t bitrate
struct {
   int   x
   int   y
struct {
   uint8_t   video_format: 3
   uint8_t   video_full_range_flag: 1
   uint8_t   reserved_zero_bits: 4
   uint8_t   color_primaries
   uint8_t   transfer_characteristics
   uint8_t   matrix_coefficients
uint32_t seqhdr_data_length

Detailed Description


Used in Parser callback API.

Video format including raw sequence header information Used in rocDecCreateVideoParser API

Field Documentation

◆ bit_depth_chroma_minus8

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::bit_depth_chroma_minus8

OUT: high bit depth chroma. E.g, 2 for 10-bitdepth, 4 for 12-bitdepth

◆ bit_depth_luma_minus8

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::bit_depth_luma_minus8

OUT: high bit depth luma. E.g, 2 for 10-bitdepth, 4 for 12-bitdepth

◆ bitrate

uint32_t RocdecVideoFormat::bitrate

OUT: video bitrate (bps, 0=unknown)

◆ bottom

int RocdecVideoFormat::bottom

OUT: bottom position of display rect

◆ chroma_format

rocDecVideoChromaFormat RocdecVideoFormat::chroma_format

OUT: Chroma format

◆ codec

rocDecVideoCodec RocdecVideoFormat::codec

OUT: Compression format

◆ coded_height

uint32_t RocdecVideoFormat::coded_height

OUT: coded frame height in pixels

◆ coded_width

uint32_t RocdecVideoFormat::coded_width

OUT: coded frame width in pixels

◆ color_primaries

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::color_primaries

OUT: chromaticity coordinates of source primaries


struct { ... } RocdecVideoFormat::display_area

area of the frame that should be displayed typical example: coded_width = 1920, coded_height = 1088 display_area = { 0,0,1920,1080 }


struct { ... } RocdecVideoFormat::display_aspect_ratio

OUT: Display Aspect Ratio = x:y (4:3, 16:9, etc)


struct { ... } RocdecVideoFormat::frame_rate

OUT: frame rate = numerator / denominator (for example: 30000/1001)

◆ left

int RocdecVideoFormat::left

OUT: left position of display rect

◆ matrix_coefficients

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::matrix_coefficients

OUT: used in deriving luma and chroma signals from RGB primaries

◆ min_num_decode_surfaces

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::min_num_decode_surfaces

OUT: Minimum number of decode surfaces to be allocated for correct decoding. The client can send this value in num_decode_surfaces. This guarantees correct functionality and optimal video memory usage but not necessarily the best performance, which depends on the design of the overall application. The optimal number of decode surfaces (in terms of performance and memory utilization) should be decided by experimentation for each application, but it cannot go below min_num_decode_surfaces. If this value is used for num_decode_surfaces then it must be returned to parser during sequence callback.

◆ numerator

uint32_t RocdecVideoFormat::numerator

< OUT: frame rate numerator (0 = unspecified or variable frame rate) OUT: frame rate denominator (0 = unspecified or variable frame rate)

◆ progressive_sequence

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::progressive_sequence

OUT: 0=interlaced, 1=progressive

◆ reserved_zero_bits

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::reserved_zero_bits

Reserved bits

◆ right

int RocdecVideoFormat::right

OUT: right position of display rect

◆ seqhdr_data_length

uint32_t RocdecVideoFormat::seqhdr_data_length

OUT: Additional bytes following (RocdecVideoFormatEx)

◆ top

int RocdecVideoFormat::top

OUT: top position of display rect

◆ transfer_characteristics

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::transfer_characteristics

OUT: opto-electronic transfer characteristic of the source picture

◆ video_format

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::video_format

OUT: 0-Component, 1-PAL, 2-NTSC, 3-SECAM, 4-MAC, 5-Unspecified

◆ video_full_range_flag

uint8_t RocdecVideoFormat::video_full_range_flag

OUT: indicates the black level and luma and chroma range


struct { ... } RocdecVideoFormat::video_signal_description

Video Signal Description Refer section E.2.1 (VUI parameters semantics) of H264 spec file

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