Quick-start installation (Ubuntu)

Quick-start installation (Ubuntu)#

The root of the hipSPARSELt GitHub repository has a helper bash script install.sh to build and install hipSPARSELt on Ubuntu with a single command. It doesn’t take a lot of options and hard-codes configuration that can be specified through invoking CMake directly, but it’s a great way to get started quickly and can serve as an example of how to build and install. A few commands in the script need sudo access, so it may prompt you for a password.

# Run install.sh script
# Command line options:
#   -h|--help            - prints help message
#   -i|--install         - install after build
#   -d|--dependencies    - install build dependencies
#   -c|--clients         - build library clients too (combines with -i & -d)
#   -g|--debug           - build with debug flag
#   -k|--relwithdebinfo  - build with RelWithDebInfo

./install.sh -dc

For a more in-depth installation guide, see Installing hipSPARSELt (Linux).