Porting from CUDA to hipSPARSELt

Porting from CUDA to hipSPARSELt#

The hipSPARSELt interface is compatible with cuSPARSELt APIs. Porting a CUDA application that originally calls the cuSPARSELt API to an application that calls the hipSPARSELt API should be relatively straightforward.

For example, the hipSPARSELt matrix multiplication interface is:

Matrix multiplication API

hipsparseStatus_t hipsparseLtMatmul(const hipsparseLtHandle_t*     handle,
                                    const hipsparseLtMatmulPlan_t* plan,
                                    const void*                    alpha,
                                    const void*                    d_A,
                                    const void*                    d_B,
                                    const void*                    beta,
                                    const void*                    d_C,
                                    void*                          d_D,
                                    void*                          workspace,
                                    hipStream_t*                   streams,
                                    int32_t                        numStreams);

hipSPARSELt assumes matrix A, B, C, D and workspace are allocated in GPU memory space filled with data. Users are responsible for copying data from/to the host and device memory.