Change Log for ROCm SMI Library

Change Log for ROCm SMI Library#

Full documentation for rocm_smi_lib is available at

rocm_smi_lib for ROCm 5.5.0#


  • Add new test to measure api execution time.

  • Remove the shared mutex if no process is using it.


  • ROCm SMI CLI: Add –showtempgraph Feature.


  • Relying on vendor ID to detect AMDGPU.

  • Change pragma message to warning for backward compatibility.


  • Fix –showproductname when device’s SKU cannot be parsed out of the VBIOS string.

  • Fix compile error: ‘memcpy’ was not declared.

  • Fix order of CE and UE reporting in ROCm SMI CLI.

  • Handle error return value from ReadSysfsStr function.