HIP_MEMCPY3D Struct Reference

HIP_MEMCPY3D Struct Reference#

HIP Runtime API Reference: HIP_MEMCPY3D Struct Reference
HIP_MEMCPY3D Struct Reference

#include <driver_types.h>

Data Fields

size_t srcXInBytes
size_t srcY
size_t srcZ
size_t srcLOD
hipMemoryType srcMemoryType
const void * srcHost
hipDeviceptr_t srcDevice
hipArray_t srcArray
size_t srcPitch
size_t srcHeight
size_t dstXInBytes
size_t dstY
size_t dstZ
size_t dstLOD
hipMemoryType dstMemoryType
void * dstHost
hipDeviceptr_t dstDevice
hipArray_t dstArray
size_t dstPitch
size_t dstHeight
size_t WidthInBytes
size_t Height
size_t Depth

Field Documentation

◆ Depth

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::Depth

◆ dstArray

hipArray_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstArray

◆ dstDevice

hipDeviceptr_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstDevice

◆ dstHeight

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstHeight

◆ dstHost

void* HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstHost

◆ dstLOD

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstLOD

◆ dstMemoryType

hipMemoryType HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstMemoryType

◆ dstPitch

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstPitch

◆ dstXInBytes

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstXInBytes

◆ dstY

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstY

◆ dstZ

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::dstZ

◆ Height

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::Height

◆ srcArray

hipArray_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcArray

◆ srcDevice

hipDeviceptr_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcDevice

◆ srcHeight

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcHeight

◆ srcHost

const void* HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcHost

◆ srcLOD

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcLOD

◆ srcMemoryType

hipMemoryType HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcMemoryType

◆ srcPitch

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcPitch

◆ srcXInBytes

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcXInBytes

◆ srcY

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcY

◆ srcZ

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::srcZ

◆ WidthInBytes

size_t HIP_MEMCPY3D::WidthInBytes

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