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Package Manager Integration#

Applies to Linux and Windows


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This section provides information about the required meta-packages for the following AMD ROCm programming models:

  • Heterogeneous-Computing Interface for Portability (HIP)

  • OpenCL™

  • OpenMP™

ROCm Package Naming Conventions#

A meta-package is a grouping of related packages and dependencies used to support a specific use case.

All meta-packages exist in both versioned and non-versioned forms.

  • Non-versioned packages – For a single-version installation of the ROCm stack

  • Versioned packages – For multi-version installations of the ROCm stack

Fig. 2 ROCm Release Package Naming#

Fig. 2 demonstrates the single and multi-version ROCm packages’ naming structure, including examples for various Linux distributions. See terms below:

Module - It is the part of the package that represents the name of the ROCm component.

Example: The examples mentioned in the image represent the ROCm HIP module.

Module version - It is the version of the library released in that package. It should increase with a newer release.

Release version - It shows the ROCm release version when the package was released.

Example: 50400 points to the ROCm 5.4.0 release.

Build id - It represents the Jenkins build number for that release.

Arch - It shows the architecture for which the package was created.

Distro - It describes the distribution for which the package was created. It is valid only for rpm packages.

Example: el8 represents RHEL 8.x packages.

Components of ROCm Programming Models#

Fig. 3 demonstrates the high-level layered architecture of ROCm programming models and their meta-packages. All meta-packages are a combination of required packages and libraries.


  • rocm-hip-runtime is used to deploy on supported machines to execute HIP applications.

  • rocm-hip-sdk contains runtime components to deploy and execute HIP applications.

Fig. 3 ROCm Meta Packages#


rocm-llvm is not a meta-package but a single package that installs the ROCm clang compiler files.

Table 1 Meta-packages and Their Descriptions#




The ROCm runtime


Run HIP applications written for the AMD platform


Run OpenCL-based applications on the AMD platform


Develop applications on HIP or port from CUDA


Develop applications in OpenCL for the AMD platform


HIP libraries optimized for the AMD platform


Develop or port HIP applications and libraries for the AMD platform


Debug and profile HIP applications


Develop and run Machine Learning applications with optimized for AMD


Key Machine Learning libraries, specifically MIOpen


Develop OpenMP-based applications for the AMD platform


Run OpenMP-based applications for the AMD platform

Packages in ROCm Programming Models#

This section discusses the available meta-packages and their packages. The following image visualizes the meta-packages and their associated packages in a ROCm programming model.

Fig. 4 Associated Packages#

  • Meta-packages can include another meta-package.

  • rocm-core package is common across all the meta-packages.

  • Meta-packages and associated packages are represented in the same color.


Fig. 4 is for informational purposes only, as the individual packages in a meta-package are subject to change. Install meta-packages, and not individual packages, to avoid conflicts.