Linear Algebra Libraries#

Applies to Linux and Windows


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ROCm libraries for linear algebra are as follows:

rocBLAS is an AMD GPU optimized library for BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms).

hipBLAS is a compatibility layer for GPU accelerated BLAS optimized for AMD GPUs via rocBLAS and rocSOLVER. hipBLAS allows for a common interface for other GPU BLAS libraries.

hipBLASLt is a library that provides general matrix-matrix operations with a flexible API and extends functionalities beyond traditional BLAS library. hipBLASLt is exposed APIs in HIP programming language with an underlying optimized generator as a back-end kernel provider.

rocALUTION is a sparse linear algebra library with focus on exploring fine-grained parallelism on top of AMD’s ROCm runtime and toolchains, targeting modern CPU and GPU platforms.

rocWMMA provides an API to break down mixed precision matrix multiply-accumulate (MMA) problems into fragments and distributes these over GPU wavefronts.

rocSOLVER provides a subset of LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package) functionality on the ROCm platform.

hipSOLVER is a LAPACK marshalling library supporting both rocSOLVER and cuSOLVER as backends whilst exporting a unified interface.

rocSPARSE is a library to provide BLAS for sparse computations.

hipSPARSE is a marshalling library to provide sparse BLAS functionality, supporting both rocSPARSE and cuSPARSE as backends.