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ROC Tracer: /home/docs/checkouts/readthedocs.org/user_builds/advanced-micro-devices-roctracer-docs/checkouts/docs-5.6.0/inc/roctracer_plugin.h File Reference
roctracer_plugin.h File Reference

ROCtracer Tool Plugin API interface. More...

#include "roctracer.h"
#include <stdint.h>

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ROCTRACER_EXPORT int roctracer_plugin_initialize (uint32_t roctracer_major_version, uint32_t roctracer_minor_version)
 Initialize plugin. More...
ROCTRACER_EXPORT void roctracer_plugin_finalize ()
 Finalize plugin. More...
ROCTRACER_EXPORT int roctracer_plugin_write_callback_record (const roctracer_record_t *record, const void *callback_data)
 Report a single callback trace data. More...
ROCTRACER_EXPORT int roctracer_plugin_write_activity_records (const roctracer_record_t *begin, const roctracer_record_t *end)
 Report a range of activity trace data. More...

Detailed Description

ROCtracer Tool Plugin API interface.

ROCtracer Plugin API

The ROCtracer Plugin API is used by the ROCtracer Tool to output all tracing information. Different implementations of the ROCtracer Plugin API can be developed that output the tracing data in different formats. The ROCtracer Tool can be configured to load a specific library that supports the user desired format.

The API is not thread safe. It is the responsibility of the ROCtracer Tool to ensure the operations are synchronized and not called concurrently. There is no requirement for the ROCtracer Tool to report trace data in any specific order. If the format supported by plugin requires specific ordering, it is the responsibility of the plugin implementation to perform any necessary sorting.