ROCR Debug Agent documentation

ROCR Debug Agent documentation#

The ROCR Debug Agent (ROCdebug-agent) is a library that can be loaded by the ROCm software runtime (ROCR) to provide the following functionalities:

  • Print the state of all AMDGPU wavefronts that cause a queue error (such as, a memory violation, executing a s_trap 2, or executing an illegal instruction).

  • Print the state of all AMDGPU wavefronts by sending a SIGQUIT signal to the process using kill -s SIGQUIT <pid> command or by pressing Ctrl-\, while the program is executing.

This functionality is provided for all AMDGPUs supported by the ROCm Debugger API Library (ROCdbgapi).

You can access ROCdebug-agent code on our GitHub repository.

The documentation is structured as follows:

To contribute to the documentation, refer to Contributing to ROCm.

You can find licensing information on the Licensing page.