Data Structures#

ROCmSMI: ROCm System Management Interface (ROCm SMI) Library
Data Structures
rsmi_status_t rsmi_dev_id_get(uint32_t dv_ind, uint16_t *id)
Get the device id associated with the device with provided device index.
rsmi_status_t rsmi_init(uint64_t init_flags)
Initialize ROCm SMI.
The rocm_smi library api is new, and therefore subject to change either at the ABI or API level....
rsmi_status_t rsmi_shut_down(void)
Shutdown ROCm SMI.
Error codes retured by rocm_smi_lib functions.
Definition: rocm_smi.h:85
rsmi_status_t rsmi_num_monitor_devices(uint32_t *num_devices)
Get the number of devices that have monitor information.