rocSPARSE Documentation

rocSPARSE Documentation#

rocSPARSE exposes a common interface that provides Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines for sparse computation implemented on top of AMD’s Radeon Open Compute ROCm runtime and toolchains. rocSPARSE is created using the HIP programming language and optimized for AMD’s latest discrete GPUs.

In the following, three separate chapters are available:

  • User Manual: This is the manual of rocSPARSE. It can be seen as a starting guide for new users but also a reference book for more experienced developers.

  • Design Documentation: The Design Document is targeted to advanced users / developers that want to understand, modify or extend the functionality of the rocSPARSE library. To embed rocSPARSE into your project, it is not required to read the Design Document.

  • API: This is a list of API functions provided by rocSPARSE.