rocALUTION Documentation

rocALUTION Documentation#

rocALUTION is a sparse linear algebra library with focus on exploring fine-grained parallelism on top of AMD’s Radeon Open Compute ROCm runtime and toolchains, targeting modern CPU and GPU platforms. Based on C++ and HIP, it provides a portable, generic and flexible design that allows seamless integration with other scientific software packages.

In the following, three separate chapters are available:

  • User Manual: This is the manual of rocALUTION. It can be seen as a starting guide for new users but also a reference book for more experienced users.

  • Design Documentation: The Design Document is targeted to advanced users / developers that want to understand, modify or extend the functionality of the rocALUTION library. To embed rocALUTION into your project, it is not required to read the Design Document.

  • API: This is a list of API functions provided by rocALUTION.