Install Radeon software for WSL with ROCm#

The ROCm™ Software Stack and other Radeon™ software for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) components are installed using the amdgpu-install script to assist you in the installation of a coherent set of stack components.

  • Simplifies the installation of the AMDGPU stack by encapsulating the distribution specific package installation logic and by using command line options that allows you to specify the:

    • Usecase of the AMDGPU stack to be installed (WSL)

    • Combination of components (Pro stack, or user selection)

  • Performs post-install checks to verify whether the installation was performed successfully.

  • Installs the uninstallation script to allow you to remove the whole AMDGPU stack from the system by using a single command.

The script is provided by the installer package. See Compatibility matrices for support information.


Install AMD unified driver package repositories and installer script#

Download and install the amdgpu-install script on the system.

Enter the following commands to install the installer script for the latest compatible Ubuntu® version:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ./amdgpu-install_6.1.60103-1_all.deb

Install AMD unified kernel-mode GPU driver, ROCm, and graphics#

After the Unified Driver Deb Package repositories are installed, run the installer script with appropriate --usecase parameters to install the driver components.

AMD recommends installing the WSL usecase by default.

Enter the following command to display a list of available usecases:

sudo amdgpu-install --list-usecase

WSL usecase#

AMD recommends installing the WSL usecase by default.

Run the following command to install open source graphics and ROCm.

amdgpu-install -y --usecase=wsl,rocm --no-dkms

Watch for output warning or errors indicating an unsuccessful driver installation.

The -y option installs non-interactively. This step may take several minutes, depending on internet connection and system speed.

Next, run a post-install verification check.

Post-install verification check#

Run a post-installation check to verify that the installation is complete:

Check if the GPU is listed as an agent.


Expected result:

Agent 2
  Name:                    gfx1100
  Marketing Name:          Radeon RX 7900 XTX
  Vendor Name:             AMD

Uninstall ROCm#

Run the following command to uninstall the ROCm software stack and other Radeon software for Linux components:

sudo amdgpu-uninstall

Upgrade to newer versions of Radeon software for Linux#

The recommended method to upgrade is to uninstall, followed by an install.

Radeon Software for Linux does not support in-place upgrades.