Library Source Code Organization#

The hipBLASLt code is split into two major parts:

  • The library directory contains all source code for the library.

  • The clients directory contains all test code and code to build clients.

  • Infrastructure

The library directory#


Contains C98 include files for the external API. These files also contain Doxygen comments that document the API.


Implementation of hipBLASLt interface compatible with rocBLASLt APIs.


Internal include files for:

  • Converting C++ exceptions to hipBLAS status.

The clients directory#


Sample code for calling hipBLASLt functions.


  • CMake is used to build and package hipBLASLt. There are CMakeLists.txt files throughout the code.

  • Doxygen/Breathe/Sphinx/ReadTheDocs are used to produce documentation. Content for the documentation is from:

    • Doxygen comments in include files in the directory library/include

    • files in the directory docs/source.

  • Jenkins is used to automate Continuous Integration testing.

  • clang-format is used to format C++ code.