Composable Kernel User Guide

Composable Kernel User Guide#


This document contains instructions for installing, using, and contributing to Composable Kernel (CK).


Composable Kernel (CK) library aims to provide a programming model for writing performance critical kernels for machine learning workloads across multiple architectures including GPUs, CPUs, etc, through general purpose kernel languages, like HIP C++.

CK utilizes two concepts to achieve performance portability and code maintainability:

  • A tile-based programming model

  • Algorithm complexity reduction for complex ML operators, using innovative technique we call “Tensor Coordinate Transformation”.

CK Components

Code Structure#

Current CK library are structured into 4 layers:

  • “Templated Tile Operators” layer

  • “Templated Kernel and Invoker” layer

  • “Instantiated Kernel and Invoker” layer

  • “Client API” layer

CK Layers

Documentation Roadmap#

The following is a list of CK documents in the suggested reading order: