ROCm Validation Suite documentation

ROCm Validation Suite documentation#

The ROCm Validation Suite (RVS) is a system validation and diagnostics tool for monitoring, stress testing, detecting, and troubleshooting issues that affect the functionality and performance of AMD GPUs operating in a high-performance/AI/ML computing environment. RVS is enabled using the ROCm software stack on a compatible software and hardware platform.

RVS is a collection of tests, benchmarks, and qualification tools, each targeting a specific subsystem of the ROCm platform. All of the tools are implemented in software and share a common command-line interface. Each test set is implemented in a “module”, which is a library encapsulating the functionality specific to the tool. The CLI can specify the directory containing modules when searching for libraries to load. Each module may have a set of options that it defines and a configuration file that supports its execution.

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