Regression is currently implemented for GST, PET, PEBB, PEQT, IET and RAND module only. It comes in the form of a Python script

The script will first create valid configuration files on $RVS_BUILD/regression folder. It is done by invoking script to generate valid configuration files.

Then, it will iterate through generated files and invoke RVS to specifying also log output and -d 3 logging level.

Finally, it will iterate over generated log output files and search for ERROR string. Results are written into $RVS_BUILD/regression/regression_res file.

Results are written into $RVS_BUILD/regression/

Environment variables#

Before running the you first need to set the following environment variables for location of RVS source tree and build folders (adjust for your particular clone):

export WB=/work/yourworkfolder
export RVS=$WB/ROCmValidationSuite
export RVS_BUILD=$RVS/../build

Running the script#

Just do:

cd $RVS/regression