ROCm CMake Build Tools#

Applies to Linux and Windows


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ROCm CMake Build Tools (also stylized as “ROCmCMakeBuildTools” and previously known as “rocm-cmake”) is a collection of functions that unify and simplify the CMake code of the ROCm components, as well as ensuring consistency across these components.


The ROCm CMake Build Tools are primarily used at build time of a library, and as such are not runtime dependencies for any generated libraries, packages, or executables.

The tools can be included into a CMake project by running:

# or
find_package(ROCM) # deprecated, but included for backwards compatibility

Once the tools have been included in this manner, individual files may be included by running include(<file_name>). The file names, and the functions, variables, and macros accessible using each file are listed below.

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