AMD ROCm Debugger (ROCgdb)


AMD ROCm Debugger (ROCgdb)#


The AMD ROCm Debugger (ROCgdb) is the AMD source-level debugger for Linux, based on the GNU Debugger (GDB). It enables heterogeneous debugging on the AMD ROCm platform comprising of an x86-based host architecture along with commercially available AMD GPU architectures supported by the AMD Debugger API Library (ROCdbgapi). The AMD Debugger API Library (ROCdbgapi) is included with the AMD ROCm release.

The current AMD ROCm Debugger (ROCgdb) is an initial prototype that focuses on source line debugging. Symbolic variable debugging capabilities are not currently supported.

For more information about AMD ROCm, see:


You can use the standard GDB commands for both CPU and GPU code debugging. For more information about ROCgdb, refer to the ROCgdb User Guide which is installed at:

  • /opt/rocm/share/info/ as a texinfo file

  • /opt/rocm/share/doc/gdb/gdb.pdf as a PDF file

You can refer to the following chapters in the ROCgdb User Guide for more specific information about debugging heterogeneous programs on AMD ROCm:

  • Debugging Heterogeneous Programs provides general information about debugging heterogeneous programs. It presents features and commands that are not currently implemented but provisionally planned for future versions.

  • Configuration-Specific Information > Architectures > AMD GPU provides specific information about debugging heterogeneous programs on AMD ROCm with supported AMD GPU chips. This section also lists the implementation status and known issues of the current version.

For more information about the GNU Debugger (GDB), refer to the README file in this folder or check the GNU Debugger (GDB) web site at: