hipify-perl is an autogenerated perl-based script which heavily uses regular expressions.


  1. Ease of use.

  2. It doesn’t check the input source CUDA code for correctness.

  3. It doesn’t have dependencies on 3rd party tools, including CUDA.


  1. Current disability (and difficulty in implementing) of transforming the following constructs:

    • macros expansion;

    • namespaces:

      • redefines of CUDA entities in user namespaces;

      • using directive;

    • templates (some cases);

    • device/host function calls distinguishing;

    • header files correct injection;

    • complicated argument lists parsing.

  2. Difficulties in supporting.

hipify-perl: usage#

perl hipify-perl square.cu > square.cu.hip

hipify-perl: building#

To generate hipify-perl, run hipify-clang --perl. The output directory for the generated hipify-perl file might be specified by --o-hipify-perl-dir option.