Data types#

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struct shape#


struct literal : public migraphx::internal::raw_data<literal>#

Represents a raw literal.

This stores the literal has a raw buffer that is owned by this class


struct argument : public migraphx::internal::raw_data<argument>#

Arguments passed to instructions.

An argument can represent a raw buffer of data that either be referenced from another element or it can be owned by the argument.


template<class Derived>
struct raw_data : public migraphx::internal::raw_data_base#

Provides a base class for common operations with raw buffer.

For classes that handle a raw buffer of data, this will provide common operations such as equals, printing, and visitors. To use this class the derived class needs to provide a data() method to retrieve a raw pointer to the data, and get_shape method that provides the shape of the data.


doxygenfunction: Unable to resolve function “migraphx::internal::visit_all” with arguments None in doxygen xml output for project “AMD MIGraphX Documentation” from directory: /home/docs/checkouts/ Potential matches:

- template<class T, class ...Ts> auto visit_all(T &&x, Ts&&... xs)
- template<class T> auto visit_all(const std::vector<T> &x)


template<class T>
struct tensor_view#